Lanchester Gallery Projects


DEATH-DRIVE-DISCO was a night of performances that dismantled the sounds and emotions of dance and rebuilt them in forgotten, haunted territories.

Accelerate the sadness at the heart of the dance, push it to a limit case and let us see if this profound, cosmic gloom can become something liberating.

BRONNT INDUSTRIES KAPITAL: Bronnt Industries Kapital trade in murky soviet dreams, hymns to forgotten gods and HI NRG disco blackouts. Bronnt Industries Kapital will perform an exploration of the illusory self through the medium of UK Pirate Radio recordings 1992-1994′

RYAN JORDAN: Embedded in wires and circuits, Ryan Jordan beams throbbing, ritualistic recreations of rave musik from some dystopic future place where all recording technology is long since gone and only folk memories of ‘dance music’ exist.

ADAM PARKINSON: Esoteric bass and broken radios broadcast last transmission from Saddleworth Moor.