Lanchester Gallery Projects



Craig Mulholland

Illegitimi Non Carborundum

20 September – 21 October 2012

Illegitimi non carborundum
Turmoil can indue riling mob
Ill in our modern iambic tung
In ruin directing a lob,

Bone and grit in our mill
No mutual bionic grind
A reconditioning bill
Rule a tiring mind,

Doctrinal origin be
Rioting ruined communal lib
A moribund trillion cuing me
A countering bid,

Non Carborundum
Limit run.

Lanchester Gallery Projects (LGP) presented ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM, a major solo exhibition by Craig Mulholland. The exhibition featured two bodies of work DUST NEVER SETTLES and ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM that elaborate on his ongoing interrogation into the role of media and information technologies within post-industrial capitalism.

The artist has written a sonnet as literary apparatus and its subject is articulated in recurring motifs throughout the work. All language used throughout the show are anagrams of ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM, with exception of BATTLE ON AS RED DOTS HUNT DYING WORD, which is an anagram of DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN (the faux-Latin English translation of the show title). ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM employs a range of political, philosophical and artistic resources to create an ominous allegory of a totalitarian regime.

DUST NEVER SETTLES positions a neat brigade of classroom sculptures, laboriously marked with carborundum dust and surrounded by large canvases bearing faded, eloquent motifs from Mulholland’s sonnet. These canvases, referred to by Mulholland as expanded paintings, exist within the parallel languages of printmaking and painting. In a separate room, the projected animation, Ex Cathedra, creates a schoolhouse chapel of discordant, instructional dissent. DUST NEVER SETTLES stages the quiet aesthetic of standardised mass production, rendering the relationships between production and labour – digital and analogue – in post-industrial capitalism.

Departing from the anesthetised state of DUST NEVER SETTLES, ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM is a five-channel video projected onto manipulated tripod screens. The steel screens affront one another, the visual language verbatim to the increasing synthesised chants, reciting different arrangements of the sonnet. The sound crescendos in a battle of protesting song, trapping the viewer in a dense indoctrination narrative, obedient to the power of technology. The engineered fever fades back into order and returns to a five minute cycle.

The exhibition will conclude with a screening of Mulholland’s film, ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM, fabricated from footage of individual works, documentation from the production of the work and recordings of installations, which are arranged to follow the sequence of the sonnet. The  symphonic poem binds the subject with the imagery. The film brings together Mulholland’s examination of the prevailing ideological framework in 21st Century systems of information and power.