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Synopsis 97

Geoffrey JonesGurinder ChadhaJeff KeenPhilip Trevelyan

Synopsis 97: Night Three

14 January 2013

Ship Hotel – Tyne Main, Philip Trevelyan, 1967, 35min
A documentary observing a normal Sunday lunchtime at the Ship Hotel in Tyne Main. The landlord shaves; he and the landlady get the pub ready; locals arrive; they play dominoes; one plays the harmonica; one sings to piano accompaniment; people disperse.

I’m British But . . ., Gurinder Chadha, 1989, 28 min
I’m British But… was the first film by Gurinder Chadha. The documentray explores the complex issue of identity for second generation British Asians. Looking in to the rise of Bhangra music, it investigates the ways in which Asian forms have both absorbed and influenced Western culture.

Rayday film, Jeff Keen, 1970, 13min
Originally presented as a combination of multiple projections and live performance, this energetic, action-led film still barely manages to contain itself. Inside Keen’s flat, he and his friends make a racket with guns, then go out to spray Dada-esque slogans on the beach and streets of Brighton, taking in the local tip along the way.

Snow, Geoffrey Jones, 1963, 8 min
This documentary shows the efforts of British Railways staff to cope with the “The Big Freeze of 1963″. Originally planned as a documentary about the British Railways Board, filming coincided with one of the coldest winters on record. Jones took the opportunity instead, to document the contrast between the comfort of the passengers on board with the efforts of the workers keeping the trains running in the unusual weather conditions.

SYNOPSIS 97 was a programme of rarely screened short films, selected by local video artist and documentary maker Alan Van Wijgerden, who over the last three decades has methodically recorded the political transformation in Coventry.