Lanchester Gallery Projects


Jan Svankmajer, The death of Stalinism in Bohemia, 1991
A history of Czechoslovakia from post war to the velvet revolution.

Rhythmus 21, Hans Richter, 1921
An abstract painters experiment in articulated movement.

Beyond Image, Mark Boyle, 1969
A rare liquid light film, with music by soft machine.

Are we still married, Brothers Quay, 1993
Alice in wonderland inspired music film.

Fever, Carine Adler, 1994
A tale of love and seduction.

Sally Potter, London story, 1986
A spy dance story.

The Face of Britain, Paul Rotha, 1935 18 min
A passionate and ambitious appeal for socialist planning.

SYNOPSIS 97 was a programme of rarely screened short films, selected by local video artist and documentary maker Alan Van Wijgerden, who over the last three decades has methodically recorded the political transformation in Coventry.