Lanchester Gallery Projects


Where’s The Money Ronnie!, Shane Meadows, 1996, 12min
Four crooks give the police their view of events following a robbery, a street fight and two shootings. A homage to Akira Kurosawa’s celebrated film ‘Rashomon’, (in which four differing perspectives are offered on an ambush), Where’s the Money Ronnie is Nottingham based Meadow’s best know short. The cast includes Mat Hand, Jimmy Hynd, and Paul Anderson and Meadows himself plays Ronnie, the debt collector.

An Untitled Film, David Gladwell, 1964, 8min 40sec
This short film, shot at 200 fps, depicts a series of serene and pastoral scenes from a British farm, which are edited in such a way to produce a suggest violence. Directed by David Gladwell, who is best known as an editor (Lindsay Anderson’s ‘If…’ and ‘O Lucky Man!’).

The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film, a Dick Lester film devised by Peter Sellers, 1960, 11min
The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film is a comedy by Peter Sellers, Dick Lester and Spike Milligan. The film shows a bizarre slap-sick series of events that take place in a field. Shot over one or two Sundays on Sellers’ 16mm camera, the film is an extension of “insert” sketches from the live TV series ‘A Show Called Fred’ also by Sellers, Lester and Milligan. Stylistically the film is a precursor to the work of the Monty Python team for the way in which elements of a routine are threaded through to subsequent scenes.

Vibration, Jane Arden and Jack Bond, 1974, 36min
“Vibration uses two young western people as the mediators between the new gestalt initiated by Jung, Reich and Frederick Perles, explorers of the unconscious, and the magnetic chain of a Sufic master, finding that the East and the West, the scientific and the mystical, begin to hold together in a truly organic way.” -Michael Brooke

Moslems in Britain – Cardiff, J. Fares, 1961, 18min 30sec
A Central Office of Information documentary presenting the life and work of the Muslim community in Cardiff in 1961.
From 1946-2012 The Central Office of Information (COI) was the UK government’s marketing and communications agency. Usually intended for distribution overseas, this early COI documentary series’ remit was the promotion of an idealised notion of Britain.

SYNOPSIS 97 was a programme of rarely screened short films, selected by local video artist and documentary maker Alan Van Wijgerden, who over the last three decades has methodically recorded the political transformation in Coventry.