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Alison Jones & Milly ThompsonMigrant MediaRebecca WilcoxTerry Atkinson

Posters: Stolen planks from under the bourgeois phalanx


Each Saturday of the exhibition Stolen planks from under the bourgeois phalanx, LGP printed a newly commissioned poster from invited artists and organisations and they were available stacked up in piles to take away.

Migrant Media  INJUSTICE

Produced for Migrant Media’s film INJUSTICE, which documents the struggles for justice by the families of people that have died in police custody. (2001/98 minutes/UK/Dir: Ken Fero & Tariq Mehmood/Migrant Media)

Alison Jones & Milly Thompson C21ST ART-WORKER

A photomontage which considers gendered labour set against the backdrop of the C21st art world.

Terry Atkinson Eight Seminars: The Avant-Garde Model of the Artistic Subject (2004)

SEMINAR 1: Two heads are better than one! Body nature/body culture and the avant-garde artistic subject; SEMINAR 2: Teaching is believing!; SEMINAR 3: Art production as compulsive behaviour – the matter of teaching compulsive behaviour. Automatic pilots: possessing oneself, assessing oneself, assessing otherselves – Van Gogh with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and DeKooning with Alzheimer’s disease.

 Rebecca Wilcox Without Lyrics

“Swelling heat made her hands useless…A scooter’s faded hum on a dry road…She looked over at the shady patch…the sun powered on…”