Lanchester Gallery Projects


Best for Most Club

Mark Dennis and Chris Gomersall

Hymn to the United Federation of Planets

2 March 2014

Mark Dennis and Chris Gomersall wrote a piece of music to end Lanchester Gallery Projects on an elegiac and hopeful note. It was entitled “Hymn to the United Federation of Planets” for string quartet and synthesized voices in celebration of the Federation constitution.

The Federation’s aim was to bring an end to war in the establishment of a federal republic of sovereign planets, bound together by a perfectly just constitution, consistent with the innate right to freedom and equality of all its citizens. The work tries to imagine how a piece of music might be constructed from the perspective of a utopia, in which the sole purpose of the arts lies in the cultivation of the species-capacity for perfection. The lasting enthusiasm for Star Trek’s Enlightenment vision of human progress towards a cosmopolitan future is unashamedly hopeful. Even as the Federation may exist in an unrealistic utopian context of perfect altruists who enjoy a universe of abundance, it could assist us in bringing the thought of our own obligation to the establishment of global justice, closer to intuition.

LGP will release HYMN TO THE UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS as a limited edition record.