Lanchester Gallery Projects


LGP closed the gallery to the public for five weeks and invited artists, political commentators, writers, curators and economists to engage in a series of debates and discussions which examined the task and terminology of the contemporary art institution. The discussions addressed issues that were significant to the curatorial agenda of the LGP operation and mined into the critical position of recent LGP changes: securing Arts Council England funding to support programming costs and the move into a central public-facing gallery. The discussions informed a working LGP manifesto.

Artist-led Spaces & Insitutional Critique
Contributors: Craig Mulholland, Kendall Koppe, Daniel Pryde Jarman, Transmission Gallery and Gavin Wade.

Modernism and the Urban Environment
Contributors: Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge and Owen Hatherley.

Post-Creative Economy: A round table on cultural theory and policy after the creative economy

Roberta Comunian, Kirsten Forkert, Rachel Granger, Owen Hatherley and Neil Mulholland (chair).