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Jim Colquhoun

The Froth on the Daydream

14 December 2013

Jim Colquhoun made a brief visit to Coventry and walked the city for the first time. From this, he wrote the performance The Froth on the Daydream, which will attempt to tease out ways in which the modernist city has become the pre-eminent site of our nostalgie de la ébouer (a dreaming of past futurity that never was).

Contemporary Coventry is a place where the soaring vision of limitless progress towards a utopian commonality ran aground on the dirty, quotidian shitness of life as it is really lived. The avenues and arcades of Coventry, rather than being the playgrounds of a polymorphously perverse proletariat were the proving grounds for a deracinated sleb culture based on … nothing really.