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Angela McRobbieIan HuntMark HarrisMonika SzewczykNicholas Cullinan

Évasion Symposium

18 February 2012

To-be-looked-at-ness and being-for-others are the enduring signs of women’s asymmetric relation to power, insistently pervasive throughout the private world. The elliptic worlds of Fashion, Art, Media, Entertainment circle each other in the galaxy of F-A-M-E and the nexus is money. The exhibition Évasion considers the luxury magazine and the veils through which the amorous glances of commodities charm and fascinate with their illusions: Identification, Aspiration, Wealth, Social Superiority, Luxury, Distinction—all imbricated in an orgy of bourgeois values.

The panel explored questions posed by the exhibition. Where are artists in an increasingly neo-liberal art world, guiltily producing recherché commodities for the luxury market? What does feminism mean to its monstrous spawn post-feminism? Is it Cheryl Cole and her hard-bargained £1m divorce settlement, pole-dancing classes at the gym, slut-walking?

Nicholas Cullinan: Curator of International Modern Art at Tate Modern.

Mark Harris: Artist, Critic and Curator

Ian Hunt: Critic and Author

Angela McRobbie: Professor of Communications, Goldsmiths

Monika Szewcyk: Writer, Editor and Curator