Lanchester Gallery Projects


OHMMM (Orchestra of Home Made Musical Machines) is an Art Noise ensemble consisting of Steve Snell, Andrew Spackman, Craig Barber, Steve Chamberlain. Each individually build sound machines, which when performed, must remain contained within an equipment box of fixed dimensions and adhere to a set of rules and guiding principles. The ensemble perform together to create improvised experimental music.

Miss Hypnotique electro-cabaret live shows explore the fundamentals of a good yarn: trapped within her wicked web of intrigue is a mêlée of macabre tales definitely unsuitable for children, surreal lunar musical landscapes, stories from an ultra modern world, hypnotic ether sounds and darn funky grooves which transport the voyeur from near drug induced euphoria to the obsessive despairs of high Romanticism.

After a series of collaborations between members, SCHH came together as a group in 2007 for a concert at Mike Hurley’s Fizzle series in Birmingham. Since then they have continued to perform in this format across the UK. The members of the group represent different generations and musical backgrounds, from free Jazz to experimentalism, but converge to perform and share an interest in improvisation and free experimentation.