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Lanchester Gallery Projects (LGP) is an ongoing curatorial and educational research project that ran a contemporary art programme from January 2012 to March 2014.

LGP was conceived simultaneously as a public programme, alternative curriculum and research department. LGP ran a fixed-period contemporary art programme of exhibitions, publications, discourse, residencies, education and events. The contributing artists represented certain positions in and out of the art-world that were important to examine, in order to map out the subjects, histories, policies and contexts that circumscribe LGP’s institutional framework – embedded within a regional art academy and as a new contemporary art gallery in Coventry. The programme’s interposition in the art academy, Coventry as its city of working, and its defined timeframe from the offset, gave clearcut contexts in which to examine the conditions, task and terminology of its particular institutionalism.

As the interface between the public and academy, LGP’s role had an inherent civic function, beyond the real estate dreams of the modern university. With varying levels of success, we tried to engage meaningfully with the histories, legacies and experiences of the city and its communities. LGP developed to become an alternative (informal and voluntary) programme of learning within the School’s undergraduate and postgraduate DVA degrees.

Coventry, as a symptom of modern British history,  in a persistently re-thought planning state since its post-war rebuild, and with a fluctuating cultural ecology, was a palpable environment to think about localism, and how the value and agency of the art institution has been shaped in the rhetoric around regional development and gentrification.

LGP will publish a series of arguments that analyse, dismantle and rationalise the programme, and develop a study into historical and potential models of the art school gallery as a civic sphere and as an alternative curriculum.

The LGP programme was conceived and directed by Sadie Young (Kerr), Researcher in the Department of Visual Arts & Design and supported by a team of dedicated staff:

  • Editor, Publications: Mark Dennis
  • Education and Volunteer Coordination: Kate Hawkins
  • Technical: Paul Bryan and Eve Hyde-Davies
  • Marketing and Communciations: Georgie Park

LGP Mob (who kept it all together and running): Festus Adeyemi; Sophie Brown; Bec Cousins; Marc Evans; Scarlett Grey; Cressida Haughton; Cristiana Ilie; Layla Jamal; Kate James; Elyse Jinks; Reece Kennedy; Constantin Malmare; Emilia Moniszko; Diana Nour; Kane Oldham; Charlotte Pattinson; Janine Perkins; Michal Probka; Sean Proctor; Daniel Smart; Mircea Teleaga; Rob Thorney; Leah Tomlinson; Eri Wada and Jinge Zhao.

LGP was generously funded by Arts Council England in partnership with Coventry University.

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