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Alison Jones considers the ‘to-be-looked-at-ness’ and ‘being for others’ of femininity as enduring signs of women’s asymmetric relation to power through painting, installation, performance and writing.

Her work explores how women’s historical primacy in the private sphere continues to structure their relation to the public. What has been the critical foundation for feminist art practice since the 1970s, the question of woman as subject of scrutiny and object of the gaze, is explored against contemporary gender politics in the context of the neo-liberal market-place.

Art’s own duplicitous place in this world of commodification is put under scrutiny through works which have in recent years explored the role of artists in the processes of real estate gentrification, the use of exploitative stereotypes by female artists to promote their own work (Advertising Promotion, 2011), the role of the ‘Young Girl’ in the feminised, affective and socially supple labour of the gallery (Evasionista, 2011), and art as luxury commodity par excellence (Art House, for the publication VUOTO, 2011).